Early intervention is key for students with ASD.  Students with ASD are taught using specific techniques for Autism.  The SAS-A (Systematic Assessment System for Autism) is one assessment that may be used to identify the specific needs of the students.  Techniques used in the ECDD (Early Childhood Developmentally Delayed) and ASD classrooms are RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) and ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis).  Students in the ASD programs also receive speech and occupational therapy if testing finds their individual program needs this service.  The ASD Coordinator and Social Worker are available in the home and at school to support the staff and families.  The ASD team works together to establish goals so that the teacher and all therapists are working on the same objectives in various settings.  Families are encouraged to participate by communicating with the teacher and attending meetings concerning their child.  The key focus for our ASD programs are:
  • Socialization through KNOTS
  • Independence through Community Based Instruction (CBI)
  • Receptive Communication & Directions
  • Flexibility of Thought - multiple settings, in a different way than usual
  • Expressive Communication System - pictures, words, talking
  • Visuals such as Social Stories & Daily Schedules
  • Age Appropriate Play Skills
  • Functional & Self-Help Skills
  • Acacemic Skills at Individual Levels
Teachers in these programs are:
ECDD at Arrowwood: Kelly Kiss & Jody Goodman
ASD at Arrowwood: Tera Deprez
ASD at Sherwood: Gina Birnbaum
ASD at White Pine: Katie Wenzell & Shannon Dammer
ASD at Heritage: Manny Garcia
Other ASD Team Members:
Louanne Neiderquill, Director
Amy Idzior, ASD Coordinator
Nikki Rethman, Adaptive PE Teacher
Christy Berger-Swartz & Jaime Wager, School Psychologists
Kelly Bonnell, Holly Kreger & Katrina Aguilar, School Social Workers
Kara Mohr, Speech Therapist
Julie Ricard & Megan Whelton, Occupational Therapists