White Pine Middle School  

Building Addition

•·   Expand the cafeteria and kitchen to meet current health department and ADA requirements
•·   New secure entrances for East, West and South Halls


•·   Security upgrades
•·   Fire alarm system upgrade
•·   Carpet replacement
•·   Exterior door and window replacement
•·   Asbestos abatement
•·   Remodel swimming pool area
•·   Remodel locker rooms
•·   Remodel the Auditorium including new seating
•·   Remodel the present Centers Building Media Center ceiling
•·   Remodel Centers Building, Kitchen, Servery, Cafeteria
•·   Floor tile replacement
•·   Interior door replacement
•·   North Hall pool roof replacement
•·   Upgrade temperature control system for energy management savings
•·   Swimming pool ventilation replacement
•·   Exit and egress lighting replacement
•·   Additional computer outlets in classrooms
•·   Technology upgrades

Site Improvements

•·   Parking lot re-paving and expansion
•·   Site lighting replacement
•·   Sidewalk replacement
•·   Upgrade tennis courts
•·   Upgrade track surface
•·   Replace bleachers with ADA-approved bleachers and add press box at stadium

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